5 Ways To Turn Your Room Into Cosmic Heaven

Stress is a regular part of people’s lives nowadays. You can get it from having to endure heavy traffic on your way to work and back to your home, from heavy workload, from unstable relationships, from simply seeing a messy room, and a lot more. Therefore, you need to find stress relief in every way that you can.


One way is to turn your room into a cosmic haven where you can forget all your worries and simply enjoy the cozy ambience where you can find peace and comfort. The biggest factors to have such room are order and the right lighting.
Here are five ways on how you can make your room relaxing and scientifically mesmerizing at the same time:

1. Add some lunar healing

The moon has healing powers to a messed up mind and a weary heart. The 3D Printed Two-tone Moon Lamp brings the magic of the moon right into your room where it can easily touch you and give you a peaceful time for relaxation. It is perfect for rest as well as for a romantic vibe. Set it to white or yellow light and see how real it looks, like you have the magic of the moon right at the palm of your hand.

2. Home sweet home

Earth is your home and there’s nothing else that promise calm and peace than your very own home. The 3D Printed Earth Lamp will make your room feel even more like home and you can even take it with you for sleepovers or for camping out to make you feel at home wherever you are.

3. The Grandiose that is Jupiter

Bring the grandiose and majesty of Jupiter. It is the biggest planet and now you have it inside your room with its realistic surface and a choice of bright white light or a sensual dim orange light to suit your mood and the situation. The 3D Printed Jupiter Lamp will definitely amaze everyone and it will turn any room to a stylish and cozy one.

4. A magic for your room

What is more magical than 3D Moon Lamp? It’s the Levitating Moon Lamp. With a realistic model of moon inside your room, you can leave mouths hanging with its levitating feature. You will love looking at this mesmerizing lamp and feel your stress slowly fade away.

5. A Bedtime Story

Who does not love a good book right before bedtime? Now it is even better with the LED Folding Book Lamp. It might not literally have a written story on it but it tells a story of peace and calmness to your whole room. It starts with “Once upon a time, there was an LED Folding Book Lamp” and ends with “you slept happily one night after another.”

Eco-friendly materials, relaxing atmosphere, magical yet realistic effects, rechargeable batteries, and amazing effects - these are five ways on how these magical lamps can help turn your room into drab to fab and how you can create a cosmic haven of your own. Get them now!

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